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We hear stories every day of clients who, in good faith, hire their sister, their aunt, or their mom’s best friend. Sometimes it works out for them but more often than not, something goes horribly wrong and they seek our professional help. Problems we hear about are:

  • No Communication- they are a part-time agent time agent and they can never get back to you
  • No Availability- this translates into missing out on the best houses or buyers passing on your house
  • No Experience - home sales don’t always go smoothly, and you want someone on your side with the experience to guide you through the rough spots.
The average real estate agent is doing 4 transactions a year. Would you want your mechanic to only work on 4 cars a year? Of course not! So don’t trust your most important purchase or sale to just anyone.

Who you work with matters as much as what and where you buy!